Tips for Protecting the Health of Your Smile

A beautiful smile begins with good oral health. A person needs to take care of their teeth and gums to ensure cavities and gum disease are kept at bay. With this information and a helpful podcast, individuals can have beautifully healthy smiles for life.

Having a Beautiful Smile Begins With Dental Care

If a person wants to keep a healthy smile, they need to make sure they see the dentist a couple of times a year. These preventative care appointments allow the dentist to determine if there are any cavities or signs of gum disease present. When dental issues are discovered, they can be found early, when they are most treatable. In addition to seeing the dentist regularly, there are things individuals can do to protect the health of their smile.

  • Brushing and flossing a couple of times a day will keep the teeth free of plaque and tartar, which can lead to tooth decay. Although it is best to brush after each meal, this is not always plausible. If a person cannot brush, they should make sure to rinse their mouth with fresh water after each meal.
  • Sugary foods and beverages are more likely to cause tooth decay. Although it is best to avoid these foods, individuals who do eat them need to make sure they brush after consuming the food. Removing the sugar from the tooth surface helps to ensure acids do not form that lead to erosions.
  • Although most people know brushing is important, they fail to use a quality brush. They also forget to replace their toothbrush every three months. Unfortunately, germs can begin to buildup on a toothbrush and lead to mouth infections.
  • Drinking copious amounts of water is also critical for ensuring the mouth stays healthy. Water keeps the mouth moist, so it is less likely to develop health problems. Water helps to keep the acids at bay and protect the pH of the oral cavity.

Schedule an Appointment

Seeing the dentist frequently is critical for good oral health. If you have not seen the dentist in some time, now is the time to call and schedule an appointment right away.